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iBASEt throws a massive conference for their users and their user's users every year in Dana Point, CA. They needed help to execute the branding, video messages, and live event coverage.

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Sure, military & defense software conferences might have a propensity toward the analytical and engineering mind, but we still appreciate design, are looking to be inspired, and want to have a good time! We got together with CEO Naveen and head of marketing Tom to work through maximizing the event in a beautiful location.



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full system design.

Research: Super fun to be presented with "how might we make this event more engaging, inspiring, and fun?"

Development: There's some practical + tactical realities, designing to support a theme, campaign messaging, based on product benefits; as well as leveraging inspirational video openers. But a surprise we came up with was a 'same day edit' to be viewed at the conference close everyday as a recap - real time shooting and editing  and finishing providing the audience with immediate nostalgia of real time events. As well as fun water feature wayfinding and event space design and flow.

Here's an examples of a recap we shot, edited and delivered within a 6 hour window:



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Audience members loved it! And these are clients you want to love your conference - legends like Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Nordam, Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, Airbus . . . You can check'em all here.

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