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Define a brand around a new residential development in eastern Washington primed to drive sales interest.

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A problem is an opportunity
for you to do your best.

A new 12 unit community was being developed in Spokane, Washington (#GoZags) with the intention of selling the project within a 6-8 month window. There was no brand and no way to quickly and beautifully share the property to encourage buyers.



Smart solutions in
full system design.

Research: We investigated area surroundings and other developments to achieve price points, sales strategy, and appropriate community presentation and aesthetic.

Development: Built a brand to cleanly support a small + well-designed community in the Spokane area while making it attractive to a multi-million dollar buyer.



When you're committed to something,
you accept no excuses, only results.

The entire complex sold faster than any development the client had participated in before and due to market conditions maximized the value of each unit through private transactions as opposed to the intended singular purchase - a happy result indeed and massive ROI.

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