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Design & develop a professional and effective brand to attract and maintain institutional investors.

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A problem is an opportunity
for you to do your best.

The business existed, but the brand did not. We needed to capture the essence of a legacy founder and share his work with a younger demographic entering the institutional investment space.

"When you're developing large commercial or office the key is having already developed strong relationships with your investment partners - as my colleagues retire I was confronted with needing to have a digital presence - something I never really needed before." - Bob Searles Managing Member

Existing brand material and assets dated circa 1970's and had UV damage - we needed some new assets.



Smart solutions in
full system design.

We carved out a subtle, familiar, and established brand and position in the market. In listening to Mr. Searles, the biggest differentiator in the space is adherence to values of integrity, honesty, and execution. And in that order. Something the Searles Group has done well for three plus decades.

When your projects are large enough to only be able to execute one a year, and your investment partners are global entities, and your tenants are global brands - your brand must be built to last.


When you're committed to something,
you accept no excuses, only results.

Ongoing Investment Partners: Travellers Insurance, ORIX, Buchanan Street, Aetana, GMAC, Weyerhaeuser, Amstar, GE, Guardian, Assurant, Phoenix Capital Partners. And Bob is stoked!

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