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TrueCar built amazing tech, national partnerships & huge a affiliate network, but all hidden behind dated design, poor UX, and a cumbersome workflow.

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A problem is an opportunity
for you to do your best.

TrueCar was going through a massive rebrand - but the business model is supported by the efforts of the dealer marketing team. They not only needed a new website to match the branding for broadcast & highlight their amazing product, but they needed a lead generation machine. 

Landing page generation is key for our specific and evolving marketplace.

"Before working with R&D there was a huge internal resource draw, time & tech, to make even subtle changes to our website or spin up a landing page." - Emily Green Marketing Director

TrueCar's best solutions were not presented well, were difficult to navigate, and unclear on their benefit. Why would a dealer even show interest? And there was very little to no tracking transparency to inform the marketing team's decisions.



Smart solutions in
full system design.

Shared Goals:

1) Transform TrueCar’s ‘Dealer’ facing digital footprint into a relevant and engaging experience to help customers connect, understand and fall in love with TrueCar's solutions. 

2) The new website will include the ability to create landing pages, blog posts, events, and a complete overhaul of the dealer website. Our new site will be equipped with a cutting edge and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) for highly efficient and beautiful edits. (with the ability to expand upon over time.)

A facelift with a new marketing engine for growth.

We really wanted to capture the heart of the brand evolution with rich, immersive use of color, paired with subtle, clean, and most importantly - clear communication and UX.

At the R&D Dept., building solutions starts with shared set of iterative blueprints for strategy and ongoing alignment. Everything is transparent as we collaborate with TrueCar to execute the strategy and achieve our shared goals to solve the problems.



When you're committed to something,
you accept no excuses, only results.

Were the goals achieved? Yes! If you really want to know how you can watch this interview with Emily Green from TrueCar and our platform partner Webflow.

What was the level of stoke?

"We are stoked" - Emily Green & Monique Kelly: Director Marketing & Sr. Marketing Director at TrueCar.

The recording of our session "How TrueCar revamped their site and fueled business growth with Webflow" from @NoCodeConf 2021 is available now to watch on-demand! Check it out

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